A new partnership: Delivering ICT solutions

15 Mar 2022 01:56 PM

We have established a powerful partnership with NEPO, North East Procurement Organisation, to expand our ICT procurement solutions. 

With a focus on solutions that deliver value and drive innovation, our partnership with NEPO enables a simpler procurement approach for local authorities and public sector organisations across the north, enabling us to offer a larger range of services and better value to customers.

Beyond increasing the number of solutions available to north east public sector organisations, our partnership also benefits SME’s, which has been an ongoing focus for us at YPO and throughout local government. NEPO has a shared commitment to maximise opportunities for smaller businesses. By working together, we are improving the visibility and potential geographical reach of SMEs.

Currently, SMEs account for 68 per cent of suppliers across the ICT frameworks that we have available - an excellent proportion by industry standards - so we’re pleased to be able to amplify our efforts even further and drive more positive outcomes.

The collaboration is a fantastic step forward for the north, but also the public sector across the UK, as we identify and learn how partnerships of this type can benefit our members and customers.

What’s available through the partnership?

On top of this, further procurement solutions will be added in 2022, including website design, software applications for local authorities, and AI automation.

At YPO, our ICT solutions aim to simplify the procurement journey, and offer flexibility to appoint suppliers through further competition or direct award. Our dedicated ICT team are on hand to offer technical advice and support throughout the procurement process.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about the IT solutions delivered under this partnership and how YPO can help, please get in touch with the team.