Adam Smith Inst - Sadiq's food ad ban plan will add to TfL's unhealthy deficit

27 Nov 2018 08:47 AM

Health policy has to be based on evidence. But bad data is worse than no data at all, and our current method of measuring childhood obesity relies on bad data. There is no ‘childhood obesity crisis’. Which makes it all the more depressing that Sadiq Khan is pressing ahead with a pointless food ad ban for TfL.     

Daniel Pryor, Head of Programmes at the Adam Smith Institute, said:

“Transport for London are facing a £1bn operating deficit and now stand to lose an additional £200 million from Crossrail delays. Despite this, Sadiq Khan thinks now is the perfect time to sink another £13 million on a paternalistic fast food ad ban despite no credible evidence that it will reduce childhood obesity rates.”

“This multi-million pound hole in TfL’s budget will mean more delays, worse service, and higher fares for ordinary Londoners on their daily commute. Adults do not need the government to protect them from pictures of burgers and parents are capable of dealing with their children’s ‘pester power’.”

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