Addressing trust and security is key to UK's cloud computing future

6 Oct 2015 03:01 PM

techUK's Cloud Computing Needs You event was held on Monday 28 September.

At a recent techUK event bringing together UK cloud computing leaders 37% of attendees stated that addressing trust and security concerns is the most important issue to overcome in order to ensure the continued development and maturity of the UK cloud computing market.

At the Cloud Needs You event held on Monday 28 September speakers from HP, Carrenza, Deloitte, Memset, Shaping Cloud and Ericsson debated how important issues including interoperability, culture change and the UK's communication infrastructure are to the UK's cloud computing future. During the debate while positioning cloud as a key enabler to driving UK productivity and economic growth was seen as very important to the UK's future maturity and optimisation of cloud, attendees also highlighted that ensuring the UK has a communications infrastructure that is cloud ready is equally as important to ensuring UK organisations, of all size and sector, can gain the full benefits from cloud computing.

Following presentations by each speaker attendees were asked to vote, via a mobile app, on which issue is the most important for ensuring the UK can achieve full maturity and optimisation of cloud computing by 2020. The following chart shows the results from this real time survey taken at the meeting.

 Cloud- stats

techUK will be taking all the results from the session to develop its Cloud 2020 vision for the UK to be published in the winter. The techUK 2020 Cloud Vision will identify the key steps industry and government need to take, and existing barriers that need to be overcome, to enable the full optimisation and maturity of cloud in the UK by end of the current Parliament in 2020.

Members interested in being involved in the development of techUK's Cloud 2020 vision should contact Sue Daley, Head of Big Data, Cloud and Mobile.

Sue Daley

Head of Programme for Big Data, Cloud & Mobile 

T: 020 7331 2000