Adonis welcomes plans for smart energy systems

24 Jul 2017 02:28 PM

Chairman of the National Infrastructure Commission Lord Adonis today welcomed publication of a plan to upgrade the UK’s energy system.

Business Secretary Greg Clark announced the Government’s strategy to enable smart technologies to be deployed widely across the UK’s energy systems, reducing costs and increasing flexibility, in line with the recommendations in the NIC’s Smart Power report.

This was one of the 12 key infrastructure decisions in the Government’s in-tray that the National Infrastructure Commission identified as needing urgent action following the general election.  Today’s announcement meets the deadline set by the Commission of September 2017 in its post-election statement.

Chairman of the National Infrastructure Commission Lord Adonis said:

“Upgrading our energy systems is vital if we are to have clean, affordable and secure supply for the long-term and meet our targets for reducing carbon emissions.

“This plan is a clear step forward, and was one of the 12 key infrastructure decisions we said needed to be made as a matter of urgency.  I’m particularly pleased that many of the 29 points listed today directly follow recommendations in our Smart Power report.

“Our study demonstrated the revolution our energy sector is going through, and the real benefits we can get from that in terms of greater efficiency, flexibility and value for money for customers.  The measures announced today will lead to exciting innovations in the industry to help make that happen.”