Advocates for the Welsh Government: Appointment of Panel of Counsel

17 Feb 2021 09:49 PM

The Counsel General for Wales and Minister for European Transition, Jeremy Miles MS, yesterday announced the renewal of the Panel of Counsel appointed to provide specialist legal advocacy and advisory work for the Welsh Government.

The panel has been appointed following a published recruitment competition, and comprises 36 Counsel in total.

3 panels have been appointed:

The panels of Junior Counsel are divided into broad subject categories, with the overall size and complexion of each panel being determined by need.

Panel appointments will be for a period of 5 years, with effect from 1 March 2021.

The Counsel General and Minister for European Transition, Jeremy Miles MS yesterday said:

I am very pleased to announce these appointments. The competition attracted interest from more than 100 practitioners. I have been encouraged by the level of interest shown and by the quality of the applications received.

I know that the very experienced and talented Counsel who have been successful in being appointed to the Panel will give the Welsh Government access to an independent pool of considerable legal expertise across a broad spectrum of government activity.

Having this proven capability to carry out advocacy and advisory work is important in ensuring that the Welsh Government has the best independent legal advice available to it at all times.

Welsh Government Panel Counsel Appointments 2021

(Names appear in alphabetical order)

Panel of Queen’s Counsel

Junior Counsel A Panel

Junior Counsel B Panel