Almost £120,000 clawed back from money launderer

30 May 2017 12:12 PM

A money launderer has been deprived of almost £120,000 after a National Crime Agency court claim.

A judge ruled that cash seized from Daniel Harris, 37, was the proceeds of crime.

NCA officers found the money in March last year when they raided Harris’s home as part of an investigation into a drug smuggling ring.

£118,000 was hidden in a holdall inside his baby daughter’s wardrobe.

In custody he claimed to officers that the cash was for legal fees for a relative who had been arrested in Spain.

He could not explain why he kept the large sum of money in cash in his child’s wardrobe and said he did not know whether the money was criminal.

A judge ordered him to forfeit the money on the 19 May under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002.

Harris did not argue against the forfeiture.

The raid on his house was part of an investigation into a cocaine delivery service in which cocaine dealers on mopeds posed as trainee-taxi drivers learning the Knowledge.

Ten men were convicted of drug offences following the NCA investigation.

Harris was found guilty of money laundering but not guilty of drug offences.