Annual report on controlled drugs published

30 Jul 2015 02:51 PM

We have published our 2014 controlled drugs annual report, which sets out how well The Controlled Drugs (Supervision and Management of Use) Regulations 2013 have been working across England.

These regulations were initially created in 2006 in response to the Shipman Inquiry and this eighth annual report sets out our findings for the period January to December 2014. It makes six recommendations to further strengthen these national governance arrangements and these will be reviewed in the ninth report.

The recommendations in this year’s review highlight the need for a consistent approach when organisations report controlled drug concerns, the importance of sharing learning to reduce controlled drug-related incidents and the need for greater engagement between local intelligence networks and social care organisations.

The report describes 2014 as a settling down period in which NHS England lead controlled drug accountable officers (CDAOs) worked hard to ensure that the arrangements for the safe management of controlled drugs were maintained following the restructure of the NHS and the revision of the regulations during 2013.

CDAOs are senior managers who have responsibility for the management of controlled drugs within their organisation and were introduced as part of the government’s response to the Shipman inquiry. NHS and independent hospitals, ambulance trusts, NHS England and The Armed Forces are required to have CDAOs.

For more information please see the safer management of controlled drugs 2014 report.