Arts Council England Chair Sir Peter Bazalgette makes major speech to Creative Industries Federation

11 Nov 2016 03:58 PM

Recently (11 November 2016) our Chair, Sir Peter Bazalgette, gave a major speech to the Creative Industries Federation examining the relationship between governance, business and the creative and cultural sector.

He reflected on the changes he has seen in the business of the arts since 2013, when he took up the role of Chair of the Arts Council.

when you run a great business, it’s a lot easier to make great art

The creative industries are leading the country in terms of economic growth. The arts and cultural sector is increasingly on a surer and broader financial footing despite the many challenges. This is a huge achievement and shows that, increasingly, creative people are business people.

It also shows what public investment can do to stimulate business.

In his speech Sir Peter Bazalgette celebrated the ingenuity and business acumen of arts and cultural organisations, with the bulk of our larger funded organisations massively increasing their commercial income in the last year.  He pointed out that this success is built on the bedrock of public funding and that the millions of pounds generated adds immense value to the public funds invested.   The creative and cultural sector is resilient and entrepreneurial and they are increasingly aware that if you are a great business, it frees you to make great art. 

you never get a successful business without taking risks

A copy of the speech is available to download here.