Assembly Commission Launches New Display in Parliament Buildings

25 Mar 2022 11:53 AM

The Northern Ireland Assembly Commission (the Assembly Commission) recently (23 March 2022) launched a new permanent display of items and images in Parliament Buildings. The display – Parliament Buildings – a Journey of People, Politics and Peacebuilding – includes a range of original and copy portraits, photographs, items and storyboards, that document the key figures and events linked to the parliamentary and political institutions here since 1921. 

The launch event followed a review of artefacts in Parliament Buildings which was undertaken by the Assembly Commission and has been agreed by the five main political parties represented on the Assembly Commission.

Speaker of the Assembly and Chairperson of the Assembly Commission, Alex Maskey MLA said:

“I am delighted to launch this important addition to Parliament Buildings with the support of all the political parties represented on the Assembly Commission.

“Since the creation of the Assembly in 1998, there has been much discussion and debate about the items that are, or should be, displayed in Parliament Buildings. I am pleased that we will now have a permanent collection of images and items on display that will depict key political figures and events from over the years.  It is also important that this project has attempted to tell the story of our political institutions and reflect the breadth and diversity of political views here.

“I am particularly looking forward to members of the public being able to access the display. I hope that it adds an extra dimension to their visit to Parliament Buildings and helps to create a deeper understanding of political life here.”

The display which will be open to the public from Monday 28 March 2022, includes portraits and images of major figures from all political perspectives and key events from the Northern Ireland Parliament and subsequent legislatures, from 1921 onwards. 

A number of figures are being depicted in Parliament Buildings for the first time and a number of items owned by the Assembly Commission are being moved out of storage or non-public areas. The portraits of former First Ministers, deputy Speakers and Speakers have also been relocated to the Great Hall. Approximately 100 different images and items will now be on display in Parliament Buildings.

Notes to Editors

Highlights of images and items on display in Parliament Buildings

Key figures from the original Northern Ireland Parliament are displayed such as all six unionist Prime Ministers, nationalist and republican leaders and representatives from the smaller parties including:

Key Moments depicted include

Key Items on display include

Parliament Buildings will be open for public tours and viewing the display from 28 March 2022. The artefacts display do not form part of the tour.

Tours of Parliament Buildings can be booked on Eventbrite and each tour is limited to 25 participants. The tours are at 11.00am and 2.00pm Monday through Friday.

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