B7 letter to the G7

11 Jun 2021 12:59 PM

G7 leaders come together this week for one of the most important summits in a generation as the world wrestles with the great challenges of the age. We – the B7 – represent the voice of businesses across the G7 nations, and urgently call on G7 leaders to work with industry to rebuild the global economy, protect the planet and reduce inequalities.  

On combatting Covid-19, the G7 should help facilitate vaccine production, safeguard supply chains and improve the roll out and uptake in poorer nations. Only by ensuring the global population is safe can we ever be sure of any one country’s success in the future.   

On trade, the pursuit of protectionism has been allowed to escalate for too long. We must reaffirm the benefits of free and fair trade, rolling back measures introduced during the pandemic such as export restrictions.  

On digital, to materialize the Data Free Flow with Trust, we endorse the G7 goal to develop roadmaps on areas for international cooperation to support data transfers across G7 economies and across diverse issues.

On international mobility, the G7 must agree standards and procedures that all countries could follow to restart cross-border travel. A common rulebook will make it quicker and safer to reopen international travel and offer a vital boost to global trade. 

Finally, on climate change the G7 must lead international action on agreed cross-economy net zero GHG emissions starting with power generation based on investments in a broad set of transformative technologies. 

Business can and must act alongside governments if we are to succeed. We must stand up and be counted to deliver the solutions that will be felt in communities worldwide. The G7 must, this week, lay out clear ambitions and agreements for us all to work towards. 

 The B7 is comprised of the leading business organisations from each of the G7 nations = CBI, BDI, BusinessEurope, Canadian Chamber of Commerce, Confindustria, Keidanren, MEDEF and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.