Bioprocessing waste into reusable products

4 Jul 2019 03:32 PM

DASA are seeking proposals to develop a Bioprocessing Prototype System to recycle military waste, oils, fuel and other liquid waste, into reusable products.

This new Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA) competition is seeking innovative solutions to design an energy powered bioprocessing system. This system is envisaged to break down waste oil, fuel and other liquid wastes using microbes, in order to capture the by-products and recycle into reusable products.

Large volumes of waste are generated across the Ministry of Defence (MOD) Estate and are currently disposed of by external waste management companies. Therefore this project offers the opportunity to save money for Defence.

In this £1.35 million competition, DASA is seeking proposals to allow MOD to manage and reduce its own waste on-site, and to recycle the by-products.

This competition is looking for innovations from across the supply base – from academics, small and medium-sized enterprises and larger companies, and you do not have to have worked with MOD before.

To help understand the problem space and to facilitate opportunities for collaboration , an event will be held at RAF Brize Norton on 25 September 2019. To sign up to this event please register on Eventbrite.

Phase 1 of this competition is focused on funding proof-of-concept (prototype) solutions. Additional funding is anticipated to be available for future phases, to move towards permanent systems on military bases and also deployable solutions for use on military operations and exercises.

The competition is anticipated to close in October 2019.