Blind cords – is your rental home safe?

9 Oct 2019 03:37 PM

Landlords are being advised to check that blinds used by tenants in their rental homes are safe for young children.

Older blinds with looped cords or chains may pose a threat to children – but you can make them safer.

Changes to standards for blinds in 2014 led to improved product safety, and new blinds with looped cords must have child safety devices installed, either at the point of manufacture, or sold with the blind.

However, the Office for Product Safety and Standards has warned blinds installed earlier may not have these features – and millions of households could be affected. 

It has now issued advice for landlords and homeowners who are being told to:

The RLA has an interactive property safety checklist tool to help you to identify what hazards to look for in your property to ensure that you are renting a safe, legal and secure home to your tenant. To check you are complying with the law click here.