Bringing communities in Birmingham together with specialist museum collections

17 Jan 2019 03:40 PM

Birmingham Museums Trust is set to host the Subject Specialist Network (SSN) for Islamic Art and Material Culture (IAMC) from now until June 2020, with £61,000 of National Lottery funding from Arts Council England.

SSN Islamic Art and Material Culture is a national organisation for museum professionals that shares ideas, knowledge and best practice in historic museum collections from regions where Islam was, or is the dominant religion. It also specialises in art and artefacts influenced by or associated with these regions.

Led by the SSN Chair, Dr Rebecca Bridgman and hosted by Birmingham Museums Trust, their work allows museums to unlock the potential of their collections, improving knowledge and allowing them to reach new and diverse audiences. They also work to bring collections alive not only for museum staff but for visitors too, by developing specialist knowledge in Islamic art and material culture.

Peter Knott, Area Director at Arts Council England, said:

“This funding makes an important contribution to developing and sharing curatorial expertise in the Midlands and across England, from contemporary ceramics to British portraits and archaeological collections.

“Forging links within and between different communities is something arts and heritage are ideally placed to do, so we look forward to seeing Islamic Art and Material Culture continue their work connecting people from all backgrounds and cultures.”

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