Business puts forward six point plan for creating confidence

12 Jul 2021 02:59 PM

CBI Director-General Tony Danker recently (Sunday) outlined a six-point plan aimed at instilling confidence among businesses, their employees and customers in order to reopen successfully and learn to live with the virus.

Maintaining momentum as stage four approaches is critical to building on recent economic data, which shows growth of 0.8% GDP in May, with hospitality accounting for the majority.

Danker outlines clear roles for both business and government in creating confidence by providing clarity which can help people and businesses live with the virus, and calls for guidance to be set out early next week.

The CBI believes guidance falls under three categories: setting out what business are required to do, for example consulting with staff when making health and safety changes, providing evidence on the effectiveness of interventions to help firms reach their own decisions, and sharing good practice.

Outlining the CBI’s six-point plan for cementing confidence and reinforcing the recovery, Director-General Tony Danker recently said:

“Learning to live and work with the virus is the right strategy. But we need to ensure this is a confident not an anxious transition, otherwise it won’t work. Businesses have had a real boost this week with the Prime Minister’s plans for the final stage of the reopening. What’s needed now is a concerted effort between business and government to create widespread confidence from the get go.”

The Government can support business to make a success of the move to step 4 by using next week to deliver a six-point plan:

Build key enablers of confidence in the economy by:

The government can support responsible business, so they adjust to living with the virus with confidence and clarity by providing guidance on: