CBI: Our response to news of 600,000+ asked to self-isolate in one week

23 Jul 2021 11:41 AM

CBI yesterday responded to news of 600,000+ asked to self-isolate in one week.

Tony Danker, CBI Director-General, yesterday said:

“The current approach to self-isolation is closing down the economy rather than opening it up. This is surely the opposite of what the Government intended. Businesses have exhausted their contingency plans and are at risk of grinding to a halt in the next few weeks.”

On the immediate future, Tony yesterday said:

“What is now needed is a well-balanced approach to reopening the economy, rather than the awkward compromise that currently exists.

“We can end the pingdemic by bringing forward the date by which all those who have been double-jabbed no longer need to self-isolate if not infectious and introducing a test & release scheme.

“Then, with infection rates rising, mitigations should also be put in place. The vast majority of businesses today are already behind this approach – demonstrating to employees and customers their diligence on Covid safety and this approach should be extended to other settings.

“We must also ensure workplaces have access to an effective, accessible testing regime. With workplace testing due to end in a matter of days, firms need urgent clarity on how community testing will work in practice.”

Looking ahead, Tony yesterday said:

“Ultimately, the country needs a new settlement for our society if we are to confidently live with the virus. It’s not just about the next three weeks, but the next 6-12 months – come what may in the winter ahead. The CBI will be working with businesses to explore what they need in the coming days and will set out our proposals on a new settlement.”