CBI Scotland responds to latest review of COVID restrictions

11 May 2021 03:18 PM

CBI Scotland yesterday responded to latest review of COVID restrictions.

Tracy Black, CBI Scotland Director, yesterday said:

“Further reopening of some of Scotland’s hardest-hit sectors comes as a huge relief to business owners that have endured a torrid year of lockdown restrictions. Having lost out on festive trading, hospitality, leisure and non-essential retail firms will be looking to the weeks ahead with greater optimism than for some time.

“News of quarantine free international travel for a limited number of routes is welcome, but it remains a cautious first step. Economic recovery can’t happen without firms being able to reach key markets, so we must look to build on this in the weeks ahead. Consistency across the four nations is helpful, but airlines and other transport businesses desperately need further clarity after devastating restrictions stalled activity.

“Despite these positive moves, we must stay vigilant. Restrictions are still tough and a lag in demand will make trading conditions difficult for some time. Government support has provided a lifeline during an unprecedented twelve months, but with firms low on cash, confidence and demand, continued support may be needed.

“A big effort is needed from both the Scottish and UK governments over the summer to support business and economic recovery across the country.”