CES2020: automotive is the driving force for first announcements

8 Jan 2020 12:11 PM

Matt Evans, director of markets, is at CES and based at the UK Pavilion, Eureka Park. If you would like to meet, please email him at Matthew.Evans@techUK.org.

CES2020 kicked off with the usual array of announcements and keynote speeches. Two of the key themes are Artificial Intelligence and 5G but, given the event’s history, it was no surprise to also see some incredible (and smart) TVs. Samsung showed off its edgeless TV whilst LG unveiled its latest innovation, a TV that unrolls from the ceiling in the vein of a projector screen. 

Elsewhere we had a robot that shares a striking comparison to BB-8 which follows you around, acting as everything from a fitness assistant as well helping with household chores. But the two biggest revelations were based around cars with Sony surprising everyone with an EV called Vision S; before anyone gets too excited about the prospect of driving it, the general consensus is that it’s a concept car to highlight Sony’s sensor technology.

Mercedes also unveiled a concept car as part of a collaboration with Avatar director James Cameron. Mercedes announced that its goal is to create ‘zero-impact’ cars in the future. Whether those cars will use biometric sensors to blend human and car (for Avatar fans, how the Na’vi physically connect with their banshees) remains to be seen.