CES2020: day three provides entertainment in 8K definition

10 Jan 2020 01:39 PM

Matt Evans is at CES and is based at the UK Pavilion (Eureka Park). If you would like to meet him, please email Matthew.Evans@techUK.org.

If day one and two was about vehicles and AI, then day three for me was back to CES’ traditional roots of pure consumer entertainment. But first, I started the day at a CES staple; Last Gadget Standing, an event hosted by Elvis where a packed auditorium picked their favourite gadget from 20 hand-selected options. In the end, it was MedWand, which houses multiple diagnostic tools in a single device, which got the crowd ‘all shook up’.

On to home entertainment, where 8K is the only game in town and innovation is solving the problem of what do you do with a TV that needs to be pretty large to take advantage of such high framerate resolution. Here, I saw everything from TVs that can roll into the floor or ceiling, to nearly removing the bezel completely, to completely transparent.  

The bigger topic of conversation on the show floor revolved around Quibi, with the key question being will it be a Hollywood blockbuster or an embarrassing flop? In the winner takes all stakes of streaming, it doesn’t seem like there’s an inbetween in a market that is becoming increasingly crowded. Quibi is not showing us everything at CES but its focus on mobile and the technology behind its instantaneous portrait to landscape switch marks it out from the crowds. Whether the content it has lined up to take advantage of this is another matter. For more background on the streaming market, listen to this Business Wars’ podcast on how Netflix v Blockbuster (and HBO) has helped drive the change in viewing to date.

Back in Eureka Park, the UK Pavilion saw probably its busiest day yet with an incredible amount of footfall. We also saw another spin out from Southampton University’s Future Works start-up accelerator with Aquark launching the world’s first plug and play quantum devices that includes cold atoms… you can read a more reliable source of what it does here.

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