CQC publishes response to consultation on flexible and responsive regulation

23 Jul 2021 01:56 PM

CQC yesterday published their response to a recent consultation on changes for more flexible and responsive regulation. This followed on from our main strategy consultation earlier in January 2021.

The proposals were designed to:

We received 566 responses from people who use services, health and care providers and commissioners, CQC colleagues and other stakeholders. At a time of great pressure for health and care services, we welcome and thank those who took the time to respond.

Responses indicated broad overall support across our proposals:

There were also concerns or queries in some areas. For example, on the importance and role of on-site inspections now and in our future assessment approach, and relating to the reliability and availability of data that we’ll use to change ratings. We address these queries in our responses to each consultation question.

Respondents wanted more detail on how we will implement the proposals. We will shortly publish further information to explain what the changes mean in practice, and how and when we’ll implement them.