Cabinet Office joins Social Enterprise UK to celebrate Social Saturday 2015

2 Oct 2015 07:23 PM

On 10 October 2015 the Cabinet Office will join with Social Enterprise UK to celebrate Social Saturday.

Social Saturday 2015 will be a day of events and activities across the country to celebrate social enterprise in the UK.

MPs, local councils, celebrity endorsers, government ministers and big businesses will support Social Saturday on 10 October. A new map of events across the UK will help everyone to get involved in their local area.

Social Enterprise is GREAT

Social enterprise

Social enterprises trade like any other business, but their social mission means that they reinvest or donate their profits to create a positive social impact. They may create opportunities for people marginalised from the job market, support development projects around the world, or strengthen local economies.

The government estimates that there are now 180,000 social enterprises in the UK, 15% of small and medium-sized enterprises. These organisations contribute billions to the economy and employ more than 2 million people.

Social investment

Not only can you buy social, but there are social options for your savings and investments too. It’s a way you can help social enterprises and charities you care about to get the finance they need to grow.

For example you can put your money into a social bank or building society that invests in organisations that have a social impact.

Buy Social

Social Saturday is part of Social Enterprise UK’s Buy Social campaign. The campaign encourages everyone to use their purchasing power to create positive social and environmental impact. It raises awareness about how to use social savings and investment opportunities which allow money to be invested into businesses whose social mission they support.

Minister for Civil Society, Rob Wilson, said:

Social Saturday is a great opportunity for people across the country to buy social and explore the breadth of this vibrant and growing sector. We want to help social enterprises thrive, which is why we are making it easier for people to invest in the social enterprises they support the most, helping us to build a truly compassionate society.

Peter Holbrook CBE, Chief Executive Officer of Social Enterprise UK, said recently:

Social enterprises are redefining how business gets done. When you buy from them, or invest in them, society profits. What’s more they are outperforming regular businesses on growth and impact. Social Saturday is all about celebrating and raising awareness about our growing movement. This year we want to really put social enterprise on the map through a range of events across the country. When you buy from social enterprises your money goes so much further, I encourage you to go out there and get buy social today.

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