Chair's speech marks Parole Board's 50th Anniversary and looks at the future for parole

8 Nov 2017 11:47 AM

Nick Hardwick, Chair of the Parole Board, gave a speech looking at the "past, present and future of parole" at event marking the organisation's 50th Anniversary.

The Parole Board marked its 50th Anniversary with an event held in collaboration with HM Prison and Probation service and organised by the Butler Trust.

Speakers from across the justice system gave speeches on the “past, present, and future of parole”, including The Rt Hon David Lidington MP, Secretary of State for Justice, who gave the keynote speech.

Nick Hardwick, Chair of the Board, gave a speech looking back at the past 50 years in parole and also looking forward to what the Board can do to further improve parole for prisoners, victims, and the general public:

Transcript of Nick Hardwick's speech to Butler Trust event 6 November 2017 PDF, 352KB, 9 pages

Presentation given by Nick Hardwick, Parole Board Chair, to the Butler Trust event on 6 November PDF, 783KB, 10 pages

He said: “In a short space of time we have made real progress towards reducing the backlog, improving how we deal with IPP cases, implementing a digital way of working, and training over 100 new Parole Board members.

“Looking to the future, there is much more that we can do to make the system more open and transparent.

“For justice to be done, it should be seen to be done. Therefore we will consult people about how we can make the Parole Board more accessible to victims, prisoners, and the public.”

Martin Jones, CEO of the Parole Board said:

“This was a wonderful opportunity to mark the Parole Board’s 50th Anniversary, to reflect on how parole has changed during that time, and to have a forward look at what the future holds for parole. A big thank you to the Butler Trust for facilitating this event and our partners from across the justice system who are joining us as speakers and attendees.”

The Butler Trust is a charity organisation that “recognises, celebrates, develops and disseminates outstanding work and best practice across UK prisons, probation and youth justice.”