Chatham House - Connecting the digital divides: Technology and cyber policy experts launch new journal

2 Jul 2015 11:03 AM

Fifteen years ago it would be unthinkable for cyber security to top the list of priorities at the annual US-China Security and Economic Dialogue, as it did last week.

But, in the intervening years, cyber technologies and the internet have become fundamental tools for everything from running critical infrastructure such as energy grids and satellite systems, to political, economic and social interactions. Given the pace of change, it should not surprise us that we have barely started to understand how to govern this new order and manage the global internet in ways that both empower and protect us.

In response, Chatham House and Routledge (part of the Taylor & Francis Group) are launching the Journal of Cyber Policy, addressing a rapidly changing situation and connecting creative, technical and policy experts.

Informing the growing security challenges of an interconnected digital world, this new peer-reviewed journal will provide a valuable resource to decision-makers in the public and private sectors grappling with the challenges of cyber security, online privacy, surveillance and internet access. The journal will offer informed and rigorous thinking, supported by the journal’s internationally renowned editorial board.

'The Journal of Cyber Policy will empower experts with new thinking and diverse ideas delivered in a way which is practically relevant as well as academically rigorous,' Dr Patricia Lewis, research director, International Security Department at Chatham House and co-editor of the journal, said. 'It will change the game for those working on cyber issues.' 

'As the preferred publisher for think tanks around the world, we are proud to be Chatham House’s partner on this new journal, which seeks to address issues that touch upon all our lives on a daily basis,' said Leon Heward-Mills, Global Publishing Director (Journals) at Taylor & Francis Group.

The Journal of Cyber Policy launches on the evening of 2 July at a reception at Chatham House.

Editor's notes: 

Patricia Lewis, research director, International Security, Chatham House, is available for interview on cyber issues. To request an interview, please contact the press office.

Reflecting the global nature of cyber issues, the Journal of Cyber Policy is intent on drawing upon a geographically and culturally diverse set of contributors.

The editorial board includes:

Editor, the Journal of Cyber Policy: Caroline Baylon, Chatham House
Co-editors, the Journal of Cyber Policy: Dr Patricia Lewis and Emily Taylor, Chatham House

Topics for the first edition are as follows:

The first two issues of the Journal on Cyber Policy will be published in 2016 and subscriptions to the journal can be placed in August 2015.

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