Commercialising Quantum in the UK – Do we have what we need to develop a world leading Quantum industry?

2 Mar 2021 01:22 PM

In 2021 techUK will be kick-starting a brand new Commericlaising Quantum campaign, as part of the Tech and Innovation programme. Below we exlpore why the UK has the potential to be a world leader in Quantum, and why it is important to invest in Quantum now.

The coming decades will be driven by the commercialisation of Quantum research.

Quantum driven technologies, solutions, products and services are expected to bring profound changes to the technology sector itself and will be transformational to areas such as national security, finance, telecommunications, construction and civil engineering.   

Quantum Computing alone will will also impact the UK’s long term digital and economic future and there is expected to be a race by countries for Quantum commercialisation. 

Efforts by Government, industry and academia have ensured the UK is in a favourable position to fully harness the social and economic benefits of Quantum in coming years. In June 2020, the UK Government announced a £70 Million funding competition focused on the development of commercial Quantum products and services - a move from the focus being on scientific Quantum discoveries to the development of Quantum products and services that can be deployed and used by UK public and private sector organisations.  

In November 2020 the National Quantum Technologies Programme (NQTP) announced its strategic intent to focus on developing Quantum technology applications through commercialisation and industrialisation, making it clear that its work is shifting to focus on moving the UK towards the  real world application of Quantum technologies.  

Given this new direction of travel towards the commercialisation and industrialisation of Quantum in the UK, techUK believes now is the time to consider whether the UK is ready, willing and able to realise the full potential of Quantum technologies. 

In 2021, techUK will bring together the technology sector, key stakeholders, policy makers and the wider business community to discuss whether we have in place what is needed to drive forward the commercialisation of Quantum technologies; create a thriving Quantum market for new products and services; and support the development of a world leading Quantum industry. 

Building on techUK’s 2019 Quantum Future campaign, which explored the current state of the UK’s Quantum industry and issues of importance for Quantum development, the work in 2021 will explore in more depth and detail the key factors for success and possible barriers that may need to be overcome to drive forward with the commercialisation of Quantum technologies in the UK. Through industry driven events, roundtables, podcasts and webinars techUK will explore issues, and uncover areas, that that will be key to the development and commercialisation of Quantum technologies, including:

To kick off techUK’s work on Quantum Commercialisation, we are bringing together leading voices in UK Quantum on a webinar to discuss the road to Quantum commercialsation, where the UK is on that journey and how we get this right for the UK. If you would like to attend this virtual session on 24 March please do not hesitate to reach out