Commission's new consumer survey shows impact of COVID-19 and popularity of ‘greener' choices

12 Mar 2021 01:52 PM

The Commission recently (12 March 2021) released key data on the behaviour of consumers in 2020. The results of a survey, conducted at the end of 2020, illustrate the impact the COVID-19 crisis had on consumption patterns, with consumers shopping closer to home or supporting local businesses. At the same time, they made ‘greener' choices: consumers were willing to pay more for a product that is more durable.  The findings will be discussed during this year's European Consumer Summit on 15 March 2021. This day also marks the European Consumer Day.     

Commissioner for Justice, Didier Reynders, recently said:

“The pandemic left a mark on consumers: While 38% of them were concerned about being able to pay their bills, another 42% decided to postpone major purchasing decisions. On a positive note, findings also show that 56% of consumers are mindful of the environmental impact of their purchases. I will discuss the key data at the forthcoming Consumer Summit to engage all participants in concrete actions to accelerate the recovery from COVID-19 and the green transition.”

Some of the main findings:

Next steps

The findings will feed into further actions by the Commission to ensure that consumers play their full part in the EU economic recovery and green and digital transitions, as set out in the New Consumer Agenda launched at the end of 2020. The key consumer data will be discussed during the Consumer Summit on 15 March 2021, World Consumer Day, which the Commission co-organises with the Portuguese Presidency of the Council of the EU. The findings are part of a new Consumer Conditions Scoreboard that the Commission intends to examine every year at Consumer Summits as a monitoring and benchmarking tool for consumer policy improvements.