Consultancy Services

18 Mar 2019 11:41 AM

Thought leadership from ESPO’s Consultancy Services framework suppliers

ESPO’s Consultancy Services framework (664) is designed to create a simple and efficient solution for those looking to procure trustworthy advice from pre-approved suppliers. With over 120 suppliers available, the framework allows for a wide range of needs; from consultations on waste and recycling, to finance and auditing consultancy services.

A number of the suppliers on this framework have recently written guest articles for our website, sharing their expertise in a range of topics relevant to the public sector and government, including waste, PR, transport, and change management. Click on the ‘Read more’ links to view the full articles on our website.

The essentials of good crisis communications

Dealing with an unexpected crisis is the ultimate test because how you respond shapes what others think of you. Every situation brings different challenges and so Arch Communications have provided this checklist for best practice in all crisis communications.

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How to adapt waste service contracts to new national policies

Paul Frith from Frith Resource Management discusses some common considerations across all waste management contracts.

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Unlocking private sector development through public sector funding - Myths vs Realities

During this Parliament, Government has already allocated over £9bn to Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) to support local economic growth. However, there is still often a misunderstanding around the availability of and access to public sector funding to unlock private sector development. Ben Pretty from Cushman & Wakefield looks to address the myths and realities around this subject.

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Successfully delivering change

Inner Circle Consulting discusses how you can successfully deliver change - authored by Chris Twigg.

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How relationships with transport systems are changing

Peter Brett talk about how relationships with transport systems are changing.

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The recipe for a great strategy

Inner Circle Consulting discuss what makes a great strategy - authored by Jamie Ounan, an MCA winner for strategy consultant of the year.

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