Continuity of care for prisoners who need substance misuse treatment

14 Aug 2018 12:06 PM

An audit toolkit and guidance on data recording, for prison treatment providers and commissioners.


Guidance for improving continuity of care between prison and the community Ref: Publications gateway number 2018310HTML

A quick step by step guide to doing a continuity of care audit Ref: Publications gateway number 2018310HTML

Continuity of care audit checklist Ref: Publications gateway number 2018310MS Word Document, 18.4KB

Continuity of care audit template Ref: Publications gateway number 2018310MS Excel Spreadsheet, 52.3KB

Data extraction protocol for secure settings Ref: Publications gateway number 2018310HTML

Example referral form Ref: Publications gateway number 2018310MS Word Document, 67.1KB


This toolkit is for services which provide substance misuse treatment in prisons, other secure settings, and the community.

It is aimed at both the providers and commissioners of these services.

The toolkit can be used to support people with substance misuse treatment needs who are leaving prison.

It includes: