Coronavirus: LGA responds to CfBT report on COVID-19 recovery

7 Jul 2020 10:32 AM

Cllr David Renard, Local Government Association transport spokesman, responded to a report by the Campaign for Better Transport on renewing the transport system in the wake of COVID-19's impact to bring benefits to communities across the country 

“We share this report’s ambition to see improvements to our transport system and a green recovery, which should be a major part of the Government’s plans to rebuild the country following coronavirus.

“Councils are already introducing measures to help communities and high streets transition to our new way of life, including a new way of travelling, such as encouraging walking or cycling.

“We want to work with government to achieve a sustained increase in active and cleaner travel, which will not only improve public health but will reduce congestion and pollution and enable the creation of safe and attractive public transport networks.

“It was good that the Government set out plans last week to invest in infrastructure.

“We would like this to include giving councils local control over infrastructure and transport budgets, which would enable them to deliver the widespread improvements to promote more active travel.”

How to make transport better after Covid-19