Data Protection Impact Assessment – Mental Health First Aid

13 Dec 2019 11:03 AM

A Data Protection Impact Assessment for the internal staff Mental Health First Aid procedure.

Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) – Mental Health First Aid


The purpose of this document is to report on and assess against any potential Privacy Impacts as a result of the formulation, roll out and ongoing running of the Mental Health First Aid procedure and its network of Mental Health First Aiders.

Document metadata

Name of Project: Mental Health First Aid

Author of report: Scott Watson

Date of report: 20 September 2019

Name of Information Asset Owner (IAO) of relevant business unit: Derek Mackintosh

Date for review of DPIA: Initially 6 months then annually (unless any known changes to processing occur)

Review date

Details of update

Completion date

Approval Date


To mitigate risks with the introduction of Mental Health First Aid




Reviewed for GDPR compliance




Reviewed and legal basis for processing defined by legal counsel



Description of the project

Description of the work:

The Scottish Government (SG) strives to create a workplace which promotes wellbeing and supports those who are directly and indirectly affected by mental ill health. This procedure is an organisational approach to ensure mental health first aid support is provided in the workplace as an early intervention.

Staff who seek the support of a Mental Health First Aider (MHFAr) will contact the Occupational Health and Safety branch via telephone or by the Mental Health First Aid Mailbox.

This may resolve their issue or alternatively through conversation it may be appropriate for a MHFAr to make contact with the individual for face to face contact.

Those who volunteer to be a MHFAr will first need to complete an introductory course, this introduces the prospective MHFArs to some of the difficult themes that they may face. Those that feel they can fulfil the role must then complete a 2 day accredited MHFA course to become competent certified workplace Mental Health First Aider.

A corporate database accessible only by the Occupational Health and Safety branch will be maintained to review coverage across the estate, the MHFArs email addresses will be used to communicate with them

Where a MHFAr completes a conversation they will be asked to complete a support conversation log, this is a simple tick box and records no directly identifying data about those seeking assistance. The recording of the MHFArs name will allow the branch to rotate/alternate MHFArs to reduce the pressure on each MHFAr.

MHFArs will not be required to record any details or information and it is understood that the conversations will remain confidential.

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