Deloitte Health to host start-up pitch event

3 Jan 2019 01:50 PM

Deloitte Health to host start-up pitch event to nurture health tech innovation. The event will be the first of many initiatives by Deloitte UK to encourage strategic...

In collaboration with Deloitte Ventures, Deloitte’s Health Team is pleased to be hosting a health tech start-up pitch competition on the 28th of January 2019 If you are interested in joining us as a guest please click here.

In the new year, Deloitte health will hold an innovation pitch start-up event where start-ups will share their new and exciting propositions with members of the health technology ecosystem. This event hopes to initiate a drive towards strategic collaboration between disruptors, technology giants, innovators and established healthcare organisations. The event will be the first of many that will address and define what the future of healthcare and smart health could look like, in the UK and globally.

The audience on the night of the event will include key players in the health technology eco-system including but not limited to: Apple, DeepMind, Google, McLaren, NHS Trust, NHS Digital, NHS Innovation accelerator, Deloitte and other leaders in the health and technology field. With the diverse knowledge and expertise present on the night, it is expected that the participating start-ups will be able to discuss motivation, regulation, lifecycle, market entry, scale and collaboration. The Deloitte Health Tech team is particularly excited as the night itself will be hosted by Dr Ishani Patel.

The event will showcase companies that are addressing niche and acute healthcare problems in a range of areas that have impact on the healthcare sector. There will be start-ups that may leverage cognitive and automation technology to provide real-time, accurate and predictive solutions to day-to-day problems faced by clinicians and as well as novel ways to aid leadership of healthcare organisations. The NHS is one of the biggest healthcare organisations and the issues it currently faces will hopefully also be addressed. The propositions may offer all or partial solutions to staff retention, staff training, organisation of staff, staff productivity and above all the delivery of excellent patient-centric healthcare. Following a year where the tech investment scene plateaued, health tech was amongst the segments with waning investment. However, with increased funding being directed towards innovation in the public and private sector for healthcare and Matt Hancock as the new Health Minister; there is opportunity to positively disrupt the landscape and become a success story.

As a trusted source of insightful research and analytics of the healthcare landscape as well as a trusted partner for delivering strategic, operational, and technology-based solutions to the healthcare sector the ‘health tech pitch event’ will provide some indication as to what the sector is looking towards to solve its most difficult challenges. The winning pitch will be given the title of “Deloitte Health Tech’s Start-Up of 2018” and the secondment of a Deloitte consultant to enable and support growth.

Karen Taylor, director of Centre for Health Solutions Deloitte UK, says: “While predicting the future is by its nature challenging, one thing all the [above] predictions have in common is that the developments are made possible by the advances in technology and the emergence of new collaborations and partnerships. I believe that this is truly at a tipping point with new opportunities to deliver solutions that diagnose needs and inform care decisions, improve care delivery, and enable more comprehensive care management.”