EU Environmental Principles

29 Nov 2018 12:59 PM

Environmental principles inform legal and political frameworks that aim to minimise the ill-effects of human activity on the environment. In the EU (Withdrawal Act) 2018, the UK has committed to incorporating a set of environmental principles into UK legislation. This POSTnote summarises these principles and considers potential opportunities and challenges surrounding their implementation post-Brexit.

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Environmental principles inform legal frameworks that relate to environmental protection or sustainable development. Article 191(2) of TFEU sets out four main environmental principles that must guide policy within the scope of EU law (CBP8132). These have been influential in formulating a range of EU directives and regulatory actions, and constitute the main focus of this note. The principles listed are:

 Key points in this POSTnote include:


POSTnotes are based on literature reviews and interviews with a range of stakeholders and are externally peer reviewed. POST would like to thank interviewees and peer reviewers for kindly giving up their time during the preparation of this briefing, including:

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