Education commissioner in Birmingham: call for information

6 May 2014 11:56 AM

Education commissioner provides contact details for anyone to share information about allegations related to Birmingham schools.

On 15 April 2014 Peter Clarke was appointed by the Secretary of State for Education to the role of education commissioner.

The commissioner has been appointed to take an overview of evidence in relation to Birmingham schools and the allegations relating to the document publicly known as the ‘Trojan Horse letter’. He will work very closely with Ian Kershaw as adviser to Birmingham City Council to tackle this important issue and provide independent advice to the Secretary of State.

There will be close co-operation between ongoing investigations by West Midlands Police and Ofsted. The commissioner will examine all evidence put to him and is expected to report by the summer.

Should you have any information concerning issues related to Birmingham schools and the allegations being investigated and wish to come forward to the commissioner, please contact us by email or post.

Education Commissioner

4th Floor 
Sanctuary Buildings 
Great Smith Street


The information that you provide will be used to inform ongoing investigations and in certain circumstances may be shared with relevant third parties to assist enquiries. You may be contacted by officials to request further details in connection with the information that you have provided.

It is important to understand that the information may potentially be used in a published report of the investigations findings. Information gained from the public and used within the final report will not contain any references to personal details relating to the source of information. All information passed on to the commissioner will be treated in the strictest confidence and with the utmost sensitivity.

Information will be handled and stored in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.