Energy Data Taskforce: Strategy for a Modern Energy System

13 Jun 2019 03:23 PM

The Energy Data Taskforce, commissioned by Government, Ofgem, and Innovate UK, has set out five key recommendations that will modernise the UK energy system and drive it towards a net zero carbon future through an integrated data and digital strategy throughout the sector.

The recommendations highlight that to move towards a ‘Modern, Digitalised Energy System’ is being hindered by often poor quality, inaccurate, or missing data, while valuable data is often restricted or hard to find.

The Taskforce run by Energy Systems Catapult and chaired by Laura Sandys, has delivered a strategy centred around two key principles – filling in the data gaps through requiring new and better-quality data, and maximising its value by embedding the presumption that data is open. These two principles will start to unlock the opportunities of a modern, decarbonised and decentralised Energy System for the benefit of consumers.

Key Findings

The Energy Data Taskforce identified that a staged approach needed to be taken to achieve a Modern, Digitalised Energy System in order to fill the data gaps and maximises data value.


Based on those findings, the Taskforce  developed five recommendations for Government, Ofgem, and Innovate UK:

Matthew Evans, Director of Markets, techUK yesterday said:

“The need to digitise the energy system should now be unquestioned. It is necessary to enable more renewable energy whilst moving to a more decentralised model – it will also enable new business models, services and markets which will benefit both the system and consumers. But knowing that we need to get there and arriving at the destination are different things. The EDTF crucially and thoroughly sets out a coherent path to digitisation, putting in place the key building blocks of shared and accessible energy system data.”

The report could be found on the Energy Systems Catapult website