Enhancing Education and Childcare T Level delivery - NCFE partners with Siren films

16 Jun 2021 01:30 PM

NCFE has partnered with multi award winning training resource provider, Siren Films to enhance your Education and Childcare T Level provision.

Siren Films isenspired by developing films that are educational, stimulating and, like children, simply fascinating to watch. They capture real events in children’s lives from their viewpoint – transforming contemporary theory into practice in a digestible way. 

With over 30 years of film making experience, Siren Films is recognised as a leading expert in creating training materials for the study of child development. Their films and clips support anyone who aspires to help children lead happy lives and reach their full potential. 

Siren have filmed thousands of hours of authentic, unscripted and honest footage over the years. By capturing children behaving naturally, doing what they do, they are able to honestly test theories and open up the discussion for new ones in the process. 

A bespoke offer tailored to your needs

Siren Films has worked with NCFE to develop a bespoke package of materials to support your delivery of the Early Years Educator (EYE), occupational specialism, within the T Level Technical Qualification in Education and Childcare. These resources supplement the comprehensive range of essential and additional resources currently offered by NCFE.

As an NCFE T Level provider you can gain access to:

Pricing and packages

Multiple access packages

What next?

Siren Films T Level offer can help engage your students and enhance your provision.