Eurojust Annual Report 2016 at the EP

12 May 2017 01:51 PM

Yesterday, the President of Eurojust, Ms Michèle Coninsx, presented the Eurojust Annual Report 2016 at a hearing of the Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs of the European Parliament (LIBE Committee), followed by a question and answer session with LIBE Committee members on topics ranging from radicalisation, freezing and confiscation, the European Arrest Warrant, harmonisation of legislation, and complementarity with other agencies.

Ms Coninsx highlighted the operational, strategic and tactical work of Eurojust. The year 2016 has been challenging in the security context. Eurojust has stepped up its activities to counter terrorism, cybercrime and serious organised crime, including illegal immigrant smuggling and trafficking in human beings. To do so, Eurojust connects and cooperates with practitioners’ networks, the centres at Europol and its network of judicial contact points in third States. Eurojust was involved in the judicial response to all the terrorist attacks in 2016, ensuring speedy mutual legal assistance in 2 306 cases, support to 148 joint investigation teams and assistance with the execution of more than three hundred European Arrest Warrants. Three hundred cases involved third States.

Ms Coninsx said: ‘Eurojust is a bridge-maker and trusted partner of the Member States, the EU institutions, other agencies and international organisations. Security demands both actions and reactions. Eurojust ensures quick reactions to crimes and criminal networks. I wish to thank the European Parliament for their financial and moral support.’

The Eurojust Annual Report is now available in English, and all 24 official EU language versions will be on our website in late summer.

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