European Union Committee draws special attention to UK/Ireland social security agreement

6 Mar 2019 04:53 PM

The European Union Committee has published its fifth report on Brexit-related international agreements.


This report considers one international agreement, which has been drawn to the special attention of the House:

The Convention seeks to 'roll over' certain social security rights hitherto enjoyed by UK and Irish citizens under EU law. These rights support the continued operation of the Common Travel Area, a distinct set of border arrangements established between the UK and Ireland.

The Convention was drawn to the special attention of the House on two grounds: that it is politically important and gives rise to issues of public policy that the House might wish to debate prior to ratification; and that the explanatory material laid in support provides insufficient information on the agreement’s policy objective and on how it will be implemented.

A short 'explainer' on the Lords EU Committee scrutiny of treaties is available on our website:

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