FRC publishes consultation on procedures for de-registration of third country auditors

8 Nov 2016 11:54 AM

Third country auditors (TCAs) are non-EU auditors of companies incorporated outside the European Economic Area (EEA) that have issued securities on UK regulated markets, principally on the main market of the London Stock Exchange. TCAs are required to register with the FRC and renew their registration on an annual basis.

The majority of the Secretary of State’s powers in relation to TCAs have been delegated to the FRC (Powers). The FRC Board is responsible for the exercise of the Powers, which include the power to remove TCAs from the Register of Third Country Auditors (Register) under certain circumstances.

To date the FRC has dealt with any non-compliance issues which could require a TCA registration to be withdrawn by engaging with the TCA to resolve the issue. However, in order to apply a consistent, efficient and transparent process for de-registration of TCAs between renewals (where the Board considers there to be grounds for removing a TCA from the Register) the FRC has now developed draft Third Country Auditor Register Procedures and invites feedback from interested parties to the questions set out in Section one of the consultation document on or before 16 December 2016.

How to respond:

Responses should be sent by e-mail to, or in writing to:

Shazia Ahmad
Financial Reporting Council
8th Floor
125 London Wall

It is the FRC’s policy to publish on its website all responses to formal consultations unless the respondent explicitly requests otherwise. A standard confidentiality statement in an e-mail message will not be regarded as a request for non-disclosure. The FRC does not edit personal information (such as telephone numbers or e-mail addresses) from submissions; therefore only information that you wish to be published should be submitted.

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