FSA flagship survey reveals how we all eat today

10 Aug 2022 04:51 PM

Research published by the Food Standards Agency indicates that the top three food-related concerns amongst consumers in England, Wales and Northern Ireland are food waste, the amount of sugar in food, and animal welfare, with over half of respondents reporting that they are concerned about each of these issues.

Food and You 2, the FSA’s flagship consumer survey, also shows that two in five of us say we’ve eaten less processed food in the past year, and are trying to cut down on food waste.

The survey is an official statistic and measures self-reported knowledge, attitudes and behaviours related to food safety and other food issues amongst adults in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland twice a year.

This latest survey was conducted between October 2021 and January 2022 and provides rich and high quality data on what people think, feel and do when it comes to food.

Emily Miles, Chief Executive at the FSA, said: 

‘As well as giving us an important insight into the FSA’s core responsibility of food safety, Food and You 2 also provides us with a detailed snapshot of peoples’  perceptions and behaviours on food-related issues, including sustainability, food security, and  their diets.

‘The FSA’s new strategy committed it to helping the governments we serve in Westminster, Wales and Northern Ireland to ensure food is healthier and more sustainable, as well as being safe and what it says it is. This insight is part of the evidence we provide so that consumers’ perspectives on the food they eat are heard.’

Key findings 

Confidence in food safety, authenticity and the food supply chain  

Concerns about food  

Food security  

Eating out and takeaways 

Food allergies, intolerances and other hypersensitivities  

Eating at home 

Food shopping: sustainability and environmental impact  

Sustainable diets, meat alternatives and genetic technologies  

Awareness, trust and confidence in the FSA 

About the report 

Fieldwork for Food and You 2: Wave 4 was conducted between 18 October 2021 and 10 January 2022. A total of 5,796 adults from 4,026 households across England, Wales, and Northern Ireland took part. 

Read the research 

The full Wave 4 report is available in the research section of our website