Finding your PMO mojo following lockdown webinar

19 Aug 2020 03:52 PM

During the APM PMO SIG webinar held on Tuesday 18 August 2020; Finding your PMO mojo following lockdown, we explored the realities that PMO teams are facing right now and what steps we can take to make our PMO strong for the future of our organisations.

First, we looked at some real-world statistics about the way we work, notably the way that virtual working has impacted out day to day.
According to research by, 74% of people would consider a change to a more flexible approach to working, as most cite that their mental wellbeing and work-life balance has greatly improved since working virtually took hold in 2020.

A productivity shift has also been noted by organisations who told that the amount of time team members spend talking about non-work topics has reduced from 66 to just 9 minutes a day. 
Although this sounds very positive for both teams and organisations, the new virtual working trend also brings with it some very real challenges for PMO teams:

According to our webinar attendees their challenges are largely around: 

So, what can we do about these challenges?

There are several steps that PMO teams can take now to take a view on how they can adapt to support their future organisations better:

Next during the webinar, we reviewed the 12 steps for looking at your PMO critically and re-designing your services to support the future of your organisation. Each short video is available at and during lockdown has provided PMOs with a clear path to getting started.

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