Fishing rod licence funds invested in healthy fish stocks & fisheries

9 Apr 2019 03:16 PM

The Environment Agency has released its Annual Fisheries Report 2017-18 providing anglers with details of how their fishing rod licence money is spent.

More than a million fishing licences were sold in 2017/2018 raising £23 million and this funds most of the fisheries work carried out by the Environment Agency.

The Annual Fisheries Report 2017-18 highlights all of the Environment Agency’s work for fisheries and anglers including the effort we have been putting into our enforcement activity.

In 2017-18 we checked the licences of nearly 65,000 anglers, responded to 569 reports of illegal fishing and conducted 2257 successful prosecutions.

In 2017-18 sales of fishing licences also funded:

Environment Agency Deputy Director for Fisheries Kevin Austin said:

Income from fishing licence sales is used to fund our work to protect and improve fish stocks and fisheries.

Fishing rod licence income is vital for so much of the work we do including fisheries enforcement, fish rescues, restocking, improving habitats for fish and facilities for anglers as well as working with partners to encourage people to give fishing a go.

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