Flood protection event for North East town

18 Jan 2019 03:00 PM

The Environment Agency is inviting residents in Ponteland, Northumberland, to a drop-in event to find out more about flood protection in the town.

Residents in a Northumberland town are invited to find out more about potential options for flood protection.

The Environment Agency is carrying out an appraisal of flood defences in Ponteland and are considering a number of options to continue to protect properties from flooding as well as bring environmental improvements.

Residents are invited to a drop-in event which takes place on 23 January at Ponteland Memorial Hall, Darras Road, NE20 9NX. They can drop-in at any time between 2.30pm and 6.30pm.

Ponteland has a history of flooding from the River Pont and currently the Environment Agency maintains a range of assets in the area, including flood walls, embankments and pumping stations.

It is currently reviewing the condition of those assets and working with partners to better understand flood risk in Ponteland and develop a flood alleviation scheme to better protect properties in the town into the future.

The scheme aims to:

During this year, working with partners and the community, the Environment Agency hopes to identify a preferred option for flood protection.

Improving understanding of flood risk

Vanessa Collins, Project Manager for the Environment Agency, said:

We are updating our flood modelling and investigating the existing flood defences in Ponteland to improve our understanding of flood risk and ensure the standard of protection can be maintained in the future.

We are considering a number of options in more detail over the next few months and we would like to hear the thoughts of residents.

We understand just how devastating it is to be flooded - we know there is a history of flooding in Ponteland - and we are committed to ensuring residents are protected.

We want to work closely with the community throughout this process and would encourage people to come along to find out more.

The latest information about the scheme and the potential options are available on the scheme’s new online consultation website.