GCS Leaders Conference Reading Material

6 Mar 2019 01:59 PM

The GCS Leaders Conference addressed the upcoming challenges and opportunities facing government communications professionals across the UK, and laid out the tools and guidance GCS will provide to help them deliver world-class public service communications.

Access them here, and keep an eye on this page for more resources in the coming months.

Alex Aiken

Standards, Democracy and Communities: Alex Aiken lays out the GCS Challenges for 2019.

“I set out three priorities – raising standards, strengthening our democracy and reassuring communities. Each of these objectives is supported by tangible activity that I believe will help the profession and serve the country.”

You can read Alex’s blog post here.

Nic Newman, Visiting Fellow at the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, presents his Journalism, Media and Technology Trends and Predictions 2019 report

“This will be the year when the regulation of platform companies starts to bite following growing concern about misinformation, privacy, and market power. Something once considered unthinkable has become ‘inevitable’, in the words of Apple boss Tim Cook – though the details will be messy, hard-fought, and take time to play out.”

You can download Nic Newman’s presentation here (22.9MB), and access his report here.

GCS Local: An Introduction

GCS Local is a regionally based campaigns team, working to make Government’s priority campaigns relevant and compelling to audiences at the local level.

To find out more about GCS Local and how you can work with their regional teams, visit their page on the GCS website.

Strategic Communications: A Behavioural Approach

“Behaviour change is fundamental to all government communications, regardless of discipline. Communications is not simply broadcasting the work of government after the fact. We are one of the vital levers government uses to realise its objectives and implement public policy. The success of that policy inevitably involves people starting, stopping or changing behaviours. ”

Read the GCS Strategic Communications: A Behavioural Approach guidance (0.97MB).

Business Partnering

“Communication business partners are critical links between communications teams and the rest of the organisation. They provide expert advice to the teams they work with so that communications is at the heart of planning and decision-making.”

Read the GCS Business Partnering guide (2.6MB).

External Affairs

“External Affairs teams are responsible for building and maintaining relationships with a range of influential individuals and organisations.”

Read the GCS External Affairs guide (3.6MB).