G-Cloud 8: proposed contract variation

7 Oct 2016 01:34 PM

Blog posted by: , 5 October 2016 — Digital MarketplaceG-Cloud.

We are emailing G-Cloud 8 (G8) suppliers to let them know that the ‘contract variation’ we proposed in August is now in place.

Why we did this

In the answers provided to suppliers while G8 was open for applications, the Crown Commercial Service (CCS) agreed to make some minor changes to the G8 contracts. A number of these changes were not included in the final documents that were shared with suppliers.

The minor changes to the framework agreement and call-off contract clarify the working relationship between suppliers and CCS. They make it easier for suppliers to work positively with government.

The contract variation has now been accepted by suppliers and countersigned by the Crown Commercial Service.

Which contract to use

From this point, you should use the updated call-off contract on GOV.UK.

We have added the contract variation to the framework agreement page on GOV.UK.