Government needs to boost growth as Yorkshire’s economy hit hardest by COVID, says TUC

10 Nov 2020 01:50 PM

Regional Secretary Bill Adams yesterday commented on the news that economic growth in Yorkshire fell by 3.6% in the first quarter of 2020 (Jan-Mar), and that education (-17%), hospitality (-9%) and retail (-8%) sectors all experienced significant negative growth.

Regional Secretary Bill Adams yesterday said:

“Yorkshire’s economy is hurting, with working people feeling the brunt of an economic crisis.

“Yorkshire’s workers are on the frontline of this pandemic, with key workers making up 38% of our region’s employment, compared to just 30% in London.

“COVID-19 has widened inequalities, and many working people face a long, hard winter on poverty pay, or without a job.

“We need urgent action from the government through a boost to the minimum wage, investment in infrastructure and skills and sector specific recovery plans for a green recovery that is so crucial to our region.

“We’ve published a report outlining how we can build a better recovery for Yorkshire & the Humber by investing in jobs, creating a better framework for work and rebuilding our public services. Today’s figures again show why ministers need to urgently work with unions and businesses to both safeguard jobs now and to build back better.”

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