Guest Blog: Gemserv Connected Devices Survey

1 Apr 2019 03:17 PM

techUK member Gemserv are conducting a survey around Cyber and Connected Devices.

blog posted by: Alessandro Scarlatti and Arun Sambodaran, 01 April 2019.

DCMS code of practiceETSI standardIoTSF best practice guidelinesBetterIoTOWASP IoT projectGSMA IoT security guidelines are all examples of government-led, industry-driven, IoT security frameworks that are being developed to address the increasing concerns around privacy and security in the world of connected devices and new digital services. While the uptake of these new technologies is drastically growing and use cases are becoming increasingly clear (from agriculture, to industrial implementations, to smart cities), it is becoming even more apparent that security is only considered as an afterthought, with business needs and first-to-market strategies taking the front seat. 

Over the last decade, the scale of cyberattacks have increased dramatically. The number of attack vectors enabled by the increasing internet-facing interface points, coupled with the rapid development of connected ‘things’, is becoming concerning. Securing edge devices and their associated services is a fundamental step that allows service providers to ensure they protect customer data, build trust, and maintain reputation.

At Gemserv, we are passionate about making a difference when it comes to deploying new solutions and services. Our connected devices team, who look at emerging technologies and digital transformation projects, are currently conducting research that aims to gain a better understanding of the industry view around IoT security. 

To aid this, the team have created a short survey composed of 12 simple statements. We’re looking for a variety of insights, from manufacturers, service providers, as well as consumers – after all, we’re all in this together! 

By completing this short survey, Gemserv will share with you a report expanding on the findings of this research, completely free of charge. In addition, to further understand industry concerns, our experienced team will be available for a free 30-minute engagement to discuss this topic, address any questions you may have, helping you make sense of what can be quite a confusing landscape. 

The survey only takes 2 minutes to complete.

Please click here to complete the survey and thank you for your insights in advance.