Health and education customers achieve average savings of 72% on mobile voice and data services

20 Jul 2020 01:34 PM

Our latest aggregation for mobile voice and data services (NFC119) helped 5 customers achieve average savings of 72%, which is the equivalent of £1.1million for those who took part.

The requirement

Purchasing mobile voice and data services is often a routine purchase for many organisations, regularly resulting in varied contract end dates. This can create a barrier to switching suppliers to gain better value, as potential savings may be reduced or lost due to early termination charges. 

Through our regular bulk buying opportunities, our aggregation team help customers by combining their mobile voice and data requirements with other organisations, helping to achieve savings which would not be reduced by early termination of existing contracts. 

The solution

Using our Network Services 2 framework (lot 6), a national further competition was run (which was based on a standardised specification) and the best value offer in the market was obtained by taking into consideration both price and quality factors. The further competition was concluded with sealed bids.

Innovative contract terms were introduced allowing customers to migrate connections as and when existing contracts expire throughout the first year of the contract. 

The results 

The competition, which took place in February 2020, brought together common mobile voice and data services of 5 customers, amounting to over 9,800 connections. 

Participants included customers from  the health and education sectors.

The aggregation team achieved average savings of 72% compared to current customer spend, which is the equivalent saving of £1.1 million for those who took part. 

These results clearly demonstrate that with aggregated volumes and the adoption of a standard specification for commodity goods or services, significant cost savings can quickly be realised.  

Bangor University

Paul Wood from Bangor University, who took part in the  NFC119 competition for mobile telephony recently said:

CCS made the process easy and our feedback on initial documents was taken onboard and revised (we wanted to ensure data overseas was covered including the post Brexit era). The contract was awarded to Telefonica – this was fortuitous  to us as they were the incumbent supplier. No SIM cards needed changing. We worked with Telefonica to allocate relevant package bolt ons. A few accounts were tested and the rest done without any need for end user intervention. Our costs have reduced by at least 60% compared to the previous contract. We would recommend the NFC process on this framework to interested parties.

How can you get involved?

National aggregated further competitions are a tried and tested approach which has delivered significant savings to the public sector.

This is a fully managed service provided and funded by us at CCS. We will draft all documentation, build the specification and run the procurement. 

Our next Mobile Voice and Data Services aggregation (NFC127) is now live and customers have until 13 August 2020 to submit their requirements, with a formal contract award set to take place in October 2020. Visit our website to find out more and view our customer webinar, or If you would like to take part, please complete our online form quoting ‘NFC127 mobile voice and data aggregation’ in the comment box and a member of our team will be in touch.