Hertfordshire officers committed misconduct in providing care to Luigi Basile

6 Mar 2019 12:38 PM

Hertfordshire police officers will receive management advice following the death of Luigi Basile in police custody.

Mr Basile, 48, was arrested at 1.48pm Thursday 14 September in St Albans on suspicion he had breached a criminal behaviour order.

He was taken to Stevenage custody suite in a police van by two police constables. While en route, Mr Basile fell to the floor of the van. One of the officers checked on his health but considered he was responsive and that he was safe in his current position.

CCTV recorded that the van arrived at the custody suite at 2.23pm. Mr Basile remained in the van and after the two officers were unable to rouse him they are seen on CCTV at 2.32pm requesting medical assistance. First aid was conducted by a health care professional, detention officer and custody sergeant. Paramedics also attended but declared Mr Basile dead at 3.23pm.

A pathologist who carried out the post mortem said Mr Basile died from a cardiac arrest.

An Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) investigation was launched, and in August 2018 concluded the two officers had a case to answer for misconduct. Hertfordshire police agreed and on 18 February 2019 the two officers attended a misconduct meeting where it was ruled they had breached professional standards of behaviour in the care they offered to Mr Basile.

IOPC regional director Sarah Green said:

“This is a tragic incident and my thoughts are with all affected. Mr Basile was not a well man, and medical evidence has suggested that once he suffered the cardiac arrest his chances of survival were very poor. However our investigationdid find evidence the two officers had the opportunity to provide care at an earlier time and they will receive management advice that may prevent mistakes being made in a similar situation.”