Home Secretary announces new measures to tackle serious violence

3 Oct 2018 03:01 PM

Government to take forward programme of work to address violent crime in the UK.

The Home Secretary, Sajid Javid, recently (October 2) set out a range of innovative new measures to address violent crime in the UK.

This builds on the ambitious programme of work outlined in the Serious Violence Strategy, published in April, which brings together a range of partners across different sectors to form a multi-agency response.

The new package of announcements to be taken forward by the government includes the following.

Consultation on new legal duty to underpin a ‘public health’ approach to tackling serious violence

This would mean police officers, education partners, local authority and health care professionals will have a new legal duty to take action and prevent violent crime. This statutory duty would make serious violence a top priority for all key partners, ensuring that all agencies are working together to prevent young people being caught in the criminal cycle.

New £200 million youth endowment fund

This will be delivered over 10 years and will build the evidence for early intervention. The fund, which is aimed at 10 to 14 year olds, will focus on those most at risk of youth violence including those displaying signs such as truancy, aggression and involvement in anti-social behaviour in order to steer them away from becoming serious offenders.

Independent review of drug misuse

This will ensure law enforcement agencies and policy are targeting and preventing the drug-related causes of violent crime effectively. Drugs have been identified as a major driver of serious violence and this review will look at recreational drug use, as well as considering use by the small number of users who cause the most harm to themselves and their communities.

Tackling the root causes of serious violence, and in particular, preventing young people getting involved in criminality is right at the heart of the Serious Violence Strategy.

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