IEA - Chaos at UK ports would wreck supply chains

22 Nov 2018 09:04 AM

IEA release report on the effect of a "No-Deal" Brexit on UK ports

Yesterday the Institute of Economic Affairs launches another briefing in its series of ‘no deal’ Brexit Fear-Checkers to help separate theoretical risks from reality; Project Fear from Project Fact.

These short briefings look at a particular warning about the impact of leaving the EU without a deal, assess the problem, and outline what can be done to fix it.

The latest briefing examines the claim that a no-deal scenario would result in chaos at UK ports, threatening supply chains and creating long delays at critical bottlenecks, such as Dover.

Author of the briefing Julian Jessop – Head of the IEA’s Brexit Unit –highlights how these fears assume that a significant proportion of lorries coming from the UK would be subject straightaway to the same checks as those from non-EU countries. This is unlikely, for legal, economic, and practical reasons:

There is no legal requirement for mass checks at the border,  especially as exports from both sides will still be made to the same standards immediately after the UK’s departure from the EU