IPPR - Comment on the news that DEFRA is to consult on extending "Clean Air Zones" nationally

18 Oct 2016 09:52 AM

Harry Quilter-Pinner, researcher at IPPR, commented on the news that DEFRA is to consult on extending "Clean Air Zones" nationally,

"IPPR welcomes this long awaited consultation on introducing Clean Air Zones across the U.K.

"Air pollution is now a leading cause of illness in the U.K. - linked to 40,000 deaths per year. This is nothing short of a public health crisis.

"However, as yet the government has failed to take adequate action. Now is their chance to step up to the plate. It is vital that areas across the U.K. follow London's lead and introduce regulation to phase out diesel vehicles in the coming years."


Ash Singleton, a.singleton@ippr.org, 07887 422 789


DEFRA's consultation is available here: https://consult.defra.gov.uk/airquality/implementation-of-cazs

IPPR has welcomed Mayor Sadiq Khan's consultation on taking further action to tackle the capital's air quality http://www.ippr.org/news-and-media/press-releases/air-pollution-in-london-ippr-response-to-launch-of-mayors-consultation