Improving how we respond to queries about the regulatory framework

22 Apr 2024 12:14 PM

We are expanding our support to help stakeholders understand and use the regulatory framework for single source defence contracts.

Through our new ‘Non-Referral Advice Service’ you can now get confidential, independent and authoritative advice on queries about how the regulatory framework applies to your proposed or existing contract. We expect this will help speed up contract negotiations and enable the parties to qualifying contracts to resolve disagreement without the need for a formal opinion or determination.

Building on stakeholder feedback gathered through a public consultation on proposals, the new Non-Referral Advice Service supplements the SSRO’s existing Helpdesk and Referrals functions to deliver a more comprehensive flexible and accessible range of support to stakeholders.

For advice on applying the regulatory framework please contact the SSRO’s Helpdesk:

To help stakeholders understand how we deal with queries and referrals, we have also published a new Code of Practice setting out the high-level principles which guide our approach to responding to queries about the regulatory framework.